Welcoming the rain

Living in Ireland you would expect a lack of rain is not something we would often have issue with, however having had an unexpectedly glorious April with weeks of wall to wall sunshine the gardening was starting to suffer! Thankfully last night we were greeted with a downpour and the rain looks likely to continue for most of the day as the grey clouds continue to roll in overhead.

Most people might be begrudging the arrival of the rain but we gardeners are happy to have everything freshened up and watered! For one, it saves us having to cart about the heavy watering can or drag along the hose.

One little gardening tip we have for you is that with the rain expect the critters. Slugs and snails will make an appearance after a heavy rain fall and if you are not prepared these can eat through the fruits of your hard labour. This is a particular problem with summer bedding plants and homegrown salad vegetables. These pesky unwelcome gardening visitors can ruin your freshly leaved plantings by nibbling them to a shadow of their former selves within as little as 3 days.  Slug pellets are available from most good gardening centers but can prove unsightly and hard to conceal – and if you have a pet they can be very dangerous if ingested.

There are other more natural forms of ‘pesticide’ for your garden such as:

  • Sprinkling some salt around your plants – be careful as this can ruin your soil
  • Mulch the base of the plants favoured by these critters with sharp-edged gravel, sand or crushed eggshells that are uncomfortable for slugs and snails to crawl across. Anything scratchy will deter snails and slugs
  • Avoid planting into heavy soil – this will rapidly cut down on the numbers of slugs you are likely to see
  • Use barriers. Several types of barriers will keep snails and slugs out of planting beds. The easiest to maintain are those made with copper flashing and screen.
  • Snails and slugs are attracted to the scent of stale beer or a mixture of yeast and honey. Put out a saucer filled with stale beer, or a mixture of yeast and honey. Sink it into the ground so the top of the saucer is at ground level and slugs and snails will get into the mixture and drown
  • Hand-picking and disposing of slugs and snails does work, because if you gather up all the adults before they reproduce, things will get dramatically better, because the tiny ones you miss, don’t do the most damage

If you have any great tips for ridding your gardening of these pesky intruders why not drop us a comment and let us know?

Happy Gardening!

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Growing your own – simple tips to get you started.



Simple straight forward tips to help you live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle


In today’s fast moving world it may not come as a surprise to learn that as a population we are almost entirely dependent on commercially produced food. Our ability to produce our own sustenance has fallen by the wayside as we heavily rely on a select number of supermarkets and high street food stores. The result is an increasing and un-necessary expenditure on imported foods of an unhealthy nature compared to the quality of fresh food we could product ourselves.

Most commercially produced and mass market foods are produced with chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, and a large and growing number of foods are a product of genetic modification. With this information becoming more readily available to everyone it has made a distinct impact on the organic foods market. More and more people are taking a stand against these commercial produced foods as they become increasingly aware of the health risks associated with poor nutrition and diets.

In recent times the ‘Grow It Yourself’ sector has seen a recent surge as more people seek to improve their health with home grown produce, save money on shopping bills, as well as moving towards reducing their carbon footprint.

GrowRings gardener David Robert explains the wide ranging benefits of growing your own produce and explains how you really can make a difference from the very local and personal to society at large:

“There are many different priorities for people starting to grow their own from those that aspire to be completely self sufficient and guarantee their own fresh organic food supply to those who are happy just to grow a few salad vegetables and tomatoes on a window ledge. 


Some people want to improve their carbon footprint and growing your own makes a difference in this regard.  Whatever we grow to consume at source has obvious benefits in removing transport and packaging costs from the equation and gives us the motivation to recycle our food and garden waste into compost and doing this at a family level has a huge beneficial impact if enough of us take the time to do it.  Many newer growers however just want to get back to growing their own for their own personal satisfaction and pleasure, and others for the cost savings involved.”


David also provides some advice on growing your own herbs:

“All herbs should be grown in a sunny spot within a convenient distance of the kitchen. It is best not to over fertilise herbs after they have become established as they may affect the quality of the flavour.” He continued “Timing is key, for example Basil needs to be planted in mid May, Rosemary needs to be planted in April for the best results and Parsley needs to be sowed in March, late May and August to give a year round supply.”

Visit our website www.growrings.ie to find out how you can start using GrowRings today to garden and grow your own.


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Ideal Home – Ideal Show!

What a weekend we have had. We were pitched up at the Ideal Spring Show in the RDS Dublin from Friday until Sunday – and what a busy show it was.

The Spring Ideal Home Show really was a show for all home owners and home lovers and without a doubt it is Ireland’s biggest and best known home show and over the weekend it was the place to find the best quality value and choice around.

We were thrilled to be a part of the show this year and we were really kept on our feet all weeked as our standing was buzzing from the minute the doors opened. We were selling lots of GrowRings products, offering gardening advice, listening to gardening woes, having general chats with first time gardeners, having indepth discussions with the more avid of the green fingered brigade – if there was something gardening related you can bet we were smack bang in the middle of it.

Thanks to everyone who came and paid us a visit!

With the show having been such a success for us we are delighted to annouce we will be attending Bloom 2011 – Ireland’s largest gardening, food and family event, which takes place in the Phoenix Park Dublin during the June bank holiday weekend for 5 days (Thursday 2nd – Monday 6th June 2011). We hope to see you there.

In the meantime, Happy Gardening!

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Great news for blog readers

We have great news for readers of our blog – GrowRings will be attending the Ideal Spring Show at the RDS this weekend – April 15th – 17th. We have a fantasic giveaway FREE tickets to the show!

All you have to do to avail of this offer is clink the link below

FREE TICKETS to the Ideal Spring Show

GrowRings will be at stand P15 – so pop along and see us for some great gardening advise and check out our new products!

Happy Gardening!

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How to grow strawberries at home in your garden

Growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs has never been easier thanks to GrowRings! As we move into the season for growing strawberries why not pick up one of our new strawberry planters, helping everyone from the gardening connoisseur to the urban beginner, experience the joys of growing their own punnets of fresh strawberries.

The new strawberry planters from GrowRings means growing strawberries is even easier and it that will reward the home gardener with ample harvests for many years. With favourable conditions, each strawberry plant should produce one quart of strawberries.

There are several types of strawberry plants but two main categories. The main season type fruit is in June and July. Garden centres sell young plants this time of year.

Strawberries also propagate themselves each year .At the end of the fruiting season they send out new young plants like satellites on runner stalks. These can be potted in compost and saved as extra plants for next year.

Strawberry plants have a useful fruiting life of only three years so you need to save some of your young plants in order to save having to buy more. Many people keep three beds or plant containers so that they scrap and replant one each year.

Plants should be planted about 45 cm apart or about four to a tub. They need to be well watered and are best in a soil compost mix as this holds moisture better than pure compost John Innes compost No3 is recommended. Feed with tomato liquid feed occasionally

Beware of slugs and you may need to protect the fruit from birds.

The ‘grow it yourself’ sector has seen a surge in popularity in recent months as people around the country seek to improve their health with home grown produce, save money on shopping bills, as well as moving towards reducing their carbon footprint.

Visit our website www.growrings.ie to find out how you can start using GrowRings today to garden and grow your own.

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How to use GrowRings in your garden

GrowRings is a new system for growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants. Its unique circular design now means you can be ready to start growing your own in a matter of minutes!

We have a fantastic video that highlights just how simple and straight forward it is to use this product. Check it out below!


Happy Gardening!

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A little bit about us

Welcome to our blog here at GrowRings. We would like to tell you a little bit about us and what we plan to talk about here in our little corner of the world-wide web.

Firstly, what exactly is GrowRings?

GrowRings is a unique new system for growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs  and plants. Its modular, circular design offers many advantages over traditional raised beds and grow boxes, including,

  • Easy assembly – no tools needed, set-up in minutes
  • Flexibility – can be used in the traditional garden or in smaller, more awkward areas such as patios or balconies
  • GrowStack System – fully compatible mini Greenhouse system available for cold weather gardening

GrowRings are for everyone – the experienced gardener or the gardening novice. The suburban family or the urban singleton. The system’s flexibility, quick and easy set-up and the low price make it easy to get started.

In this blog we plan to have some general chit-chat about gardening as well as offer some fantastic gardening advice through our own expert David who has over 20 years experience! We want to ensure that we offer advice and tips to suit every type of gardener, from the green fingered expert to the gardening beginner and the urban gardener.

Gardening is something that everyone should be able to enjoy and we want to help you along your way. if you have any questions you would like answered make sure to get in touch and we will do our very best to help. If you like our products make sure to visit www.growrings.ie for more flat pack gardening solutions.

Happy Gardening!

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